Dementia and the Toilet

Dementia and the Toilet The term for being able to control the bladder and bowel is known as continence Going to the toilet involves a series of complex stages that require memory, dexterity and mobility. A person living with dementia may have difficulties with...

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Suggestions for caring during the Corona virus

Covid and Dementia Caring with a loved one living with dementia can sometimes be a struggle for people who have little or no social network. The Corona virus has made this more difficult for everyone, having to isolate people in their own homes with little or no...

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Connecting together through living stories

Using Memories to Keep in Touch We all have a story to tell about our lives, sometimes we enhance those stories with funny anecdotes, which, over time can feel more like fact to us, the more we recall them. In the end what really happened and what we remember...

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