Mname is Dr. Jane M. Mullins and I am a dementia nurse consultant. My book, training and resources have been developed over many years to help all people living with dementia, their families, staff and caregivers understand how dementia can affect a person and how they experience the world around them. Through my book and other resources you will learn how to care effectively throughout all stages of the condition. This will provide you with the knowledge and skills to help you care with confidence.

My mission is to support family caregivers to have confidence to care for their loved ones as well as raise the status of paid caregivers. By working closely with members of the Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Programme (who are living with dementia) and leading professionals and researchers in the field I hope to share our knowledge and expertise.

Start today by reading my book Finding the Light in Dementia; a Guide for Families, Friends and Caregivers.

Each chapter in Finding the Light in Dementia:


    • Explains what a person living with dementia may be feeling and how they experience the world around them.
    • Provides you with valuable tips and advice to help you both.
    • Gives examples with short caregiver stories.
    • Is written in larger font so is easier to read.
    • Provides summary pages at the end to refer to quickly in a time of need.
    • Provides mood and behaviour journals.
    • Gives quick references when considering professional care and what to pack in the event of a hospital admission.
    • Is a comprehensive resource for the person’s care needs and yours!!


The Notes pages at the end of each chapter will help you:
  • Chart your the person’s specific needs, likes and dislikes, what works well and what doesn’t for your use and other family members/professional caregivers.
  • Chart activities that may be enjoyed or not; what may trigger certain changes in mood and behaviour and what can help, such as life history information.
  • Create a care plan/diary for yourself and other family members/caregivers.
  • Document changes that may happen over time.
  • Acts as an aide memoir for questions you may want to ask your doctor and other health and social care professionals and for them  to write in at appointments (to save you memorising everything).
“Caring for Mum who has Alzheimer’s had been made much easier after reading this book. Practical suggestions that family and paid carers can work on together has created greater consistency of care. Mum is happier and less anxious. Brilliant resource. Highly recommended” Angharad.



Finding the Light in Dementia: A Guide for Families, Friends and Caregivers


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It’s absolutely amazing, I think it should be compulsory reading for everybody at the start of dementia. I wish it had been around when my husband started developing it

Elizabeth Cox

Wife and Caregiver