“This easy to read, sensible and insightful book, offers practical information and advice simply and compassionately given for all stages of the condition. This will be a great resource which can be picked up in times of need and can be used to jot down questions, ideas and useful strategies along the journey that can be helpful reminders when talking with healthcare professionals. Knowing that you are not alone on this journey and that there are people out there like Jane with the expertise, knowledge, empathy and the passion to offer this support means a great deal. Jane lets us know that none of us are experts, but with kindness and wisdom helps us to do our best and advises that we all need to be kind to ourselves and ask for help when we need it.”

Carol Maddock


“Finding the Light In Dementia has been invaluable and has helped us know what to do and how. We are currently caring for my 90-year-old Mum together in her home and with all the challenges that Stage 6 Alzheimer’s bring, this book has been a great source of wisdom on how to tailor our approach. We have used the book to provide a consistent approach to her care.  All professional home caregivers would also benefit from reading this to enable them to provide the best care possible in their role.  It’s also a book that reminds us to look after ourselves!”

Angharad and Anthony Brown

Daughter and Son-in-Law, Family Carers

“It’s absolutely amazing, I think it should be compulsory reading for everybody at the start of dementia. I wish it had been around when my husband started developing it”

Elizabeth Cox

wife and caregiver

“When my mother and I were caring for my grandmother in the late 80s/early 90s there was little advice and no guidance as to how to cope with someone suffering from Alzheimer’s. In Alice’s case it became so acute, my nan became a mute. We reached out to doctors, politicians anyone but to no avail. If only Dr Jane Mullins book was around at the time we would have had a friend to turn to. If you are looking after a loved one with this awful disease (now the biggest killer in the UK) and don’t know which way to turn then help is at hand. Jane’s book ‘Finding the Light in Dementia: a guide for families, friends and caregivers’ is the essential self-help book that explains common changes that can occur in those living with dementia. Let Dr Jane’s words be your friend.”

Russell Grant

Founder of ‘Dance For Your Life’ a WISE (Wales Ireland Scotland England) Communities charity for Dementia/Alzheimer’s
Patron: Alzheimer’s Research UK – The Alzheimer’s Society – Dementia UK

“Jane’s compassion and warmth shines through her words. I believe that it will be a comfort to families/ caregivers who are experiencing the fear of a diagnosis and will offer an anchor when they’re unsure of how to communicate. I think it will also be a helpful tool for professionals to help them educate extended family and friends to help them understand what’s happening and manage expectations. Jane has a real knack for taking the ‘edge’ off a difficult subject through her reassuring tone and practical tips. This gives people a pathway to follow through the ‘mist’ as you would say- a guiding light”

Mari Evans

Mental Health Nurse Consultant

“This little book is a life saver for people who have dementia and their caregivers, families and friends. I think it should be given out by every professional who gives the initial diagnosis. People need something to grasp, and the sensitivity, simplicity and emotion contained in this book may help them cope better.”

Lorraine Morgan

Nurse Consultant

“This is an insightfully wonderful book for both caregivers and professionals alike.   ‘Finding The Light In Dementia’ helps to calm the overwhelming feelings that come with a diagnosis of Dementia or Alzheimer’s.  It is almost as if Jane has gently taken your hand in hers and is walking alongside you, encouraging you through this new chapter of your life.  She has provided wonderful information; plus note pages at the end of the chapters for you to keep a record of the questions you want to ask the Doctor. This book is a much needed gift to yourself.”

Carole Fawcett

MPCC, Counsellor


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