Finding the Light in Dementia® Training.

Welcome and may I congratulate you on taking your first step to your Finding the Light in Dementia® Training

I feel very proud to have developed this training to help you care with your fellow human beings with the respect and dignity they and you deserve. 

Finding the Light in Dementia® is different from other dementia training programmes as people who have dementia and their loved ones have helped me create it over the years and offers a strong self-development ethos throughout. 

Finding the Light in Dementia® also recognises the need for us, as caregivers to care for ourselves and provides supportive and creative activities to help us develop personally and professionally and provides access to a wellbeing hub.

It is developed from over 30 years of dementia caregiving practice, my PhD research, teaching health and social care and personal development coaching.  Here, my links within academia have also ensured that this training offers the latest up to date evidence based practice, with leading professionals and researchers contributing to the platform.

The focus of Finding the Light in Dementia® is to develop a connection between the people we care with and their loved ones and ourselves as caregivers. 

By following Finding the Light in Dementia® we are going to learn about how our experiences can affect our thoughts, feelings and how we respond. By understanding ourselves more, we are in a better position to understand the people we care with  and develop resilience and emotional intelligence.

Finding the Light in Dementia® is a values-based training where we explore Dignity, Understanding, Empathy, Trust and cultural senstivity and find ways in which we can promote these values in our day-to-day care.

A large part of Finding the Light in Dementia® training is about you and your own personal development, which is interwoven within the training and through access to the wellbeing hub. 

By the end of the course, you will be more confident about understanding the world of the people you care with, how to connect with them, provide the best possible care for them, their loved ones and for yourself.

This course is appropriate for all including:

Health and Social Care Professionals

Care Managers

Care Assistants


Third Sector Staff

Anciliary Staff

All people in contact with people living with dementia

Modules include:

Understanding Dementia

Communicating & Connecting

Using Memories to Keep in Touch

Creating Calm, Safe Places

Understanding Emotions, Perceptions & Responses

I am Still Me!


People enrolling on this course receive…

Access to 6 modules which include:

  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Podcasts
  • Presentations
  • Activity Book
  • Reflective Journal
  • Assessment
  • Certificate


Access to Wellbeing Hub


Access to Additional Links & Resources

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Welcome and may I congratulate you on taking your first step to your Finding the Light in Dementia® training.


About Jane

Jane is a Dementia Nurse Consultant who has devoted over 30 years to the study and practice of dementia care.

Through listening to and supporting people and their families during their diagnosis in memory clinics, caring with them in hospital and in care homes, she has helped throughout all of the stages of their condition.

Jane has uncovered certain common features that may help caregivers and the people they care with find better ways of coping.

Her practice experience is backed up by expert knowledge gained from her PhD and her research at the Awen Institute, Swansea University, which explores finding ways to communicate and stay connected with people living with dementia through the senses. Jane is also deeply passionate about the emotional and physical health of staff, where her background in teaching Health and Social Care involved coaching students in personal and professional development alongside module development and delivery of care related subjects.

Dr Jane M. Mullins,
Dementia Nurse