Finding the Light in Dementia® Training.

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“I like the fact that it not only offers practical experience of how someone may feel, but also has films & podcasts with people with dementia as well as a wellbeing hub”

‘As a trainer and advocate of dementia care, I am always looking at improving not only my knowledge and understanding, but that of the staff that support individuals on a dementia journey.  I have found whilst carrying out the delivery of training in dementia, staff still sometimes struggle in ‘putting themselves in the shoes of those individuals’ so was searching for suitable training to help them achieve this. After completing this training, I would highly recommend all staff that interact with people who have dementia to participate as it benefits all staff. I like the fact that it not only offers practical experience of how someone may feel but also offers podcasts with people with dementia as well as a wellbeing hub.”

Stacey Charles, Staff Trainer, Foxhunters Care Community

“Its definately impacted on my practice and that of my staff

I am enjoying it!”

“This training is different from others, because its engaging with different varieties of examples through the stories of people. Its definately impacted on my practice and that of my staff”

Kelly, Training Manager, Glasfryn House

Finding the Light in Dementia® is created by myself, Jane M Mullins, people living with dementia, their families, caregivers and leading professionals and researchers in the field.

  • Finding the Light in Dementia® is different from other dementia training programmes as it also offers a strong self-development ethos throughout with enjoyable activities and reflective practice.
  • Accredited training available via an online platform 24/7, 365 days a year for all staff for one affordable price. Mapped to occupational standards, Good Work, NHS training standards – All staff can access the training, wellbeing hub and additional resources anytime and anywhere to suit their busy lives.
  • A strong self-development ethos underpins the whole of the training including reflective practice, enjoyable activities and access to a wellbeing hub with self-care and grief and bereavement resources – Helps develop a resilient, knowledgeable workforce that will contribute to staff retention.
  • Created with people who have dementia, families and caregivers and delivered through films, animations, presentations and podcasts – Accessible, enjoyable, sustainable real-life learning for all learning styles and levels.
  • Created by a dementia nurse specialist with over 30 years dementia nursing and research experience plus lecturing in health and social care and professional development. Includes masterclasses with leading professionals and researchers in the field – To share up to date knowledge, best practice and evidence based to positively impact practice.
  • Created in collaboration with Meri Yaadain to ensure training is culturally inclusive, accessible and relevant for all.
  • Each module has an activity book, reflective journal and on completion of a test, a certificate.

Module One

Understanding Dementia

Module Two

Communicating & Connecting


Module Three

Using Memories to Keep in Touch

Module Four

Creating a Calm Safe Place

Module Five

Understanding Moods, Emotions & Responses

Module Six

I am Still Me!

In addition to the training films, animations, podcasts and presentations all trainees have access to our Wellbeing Hub, Activity Books and Resources section:

Wellbeing Hub

Activity Books



Here are a few tasters of the types of  materials in our training programme

This course is appropriate for all including:

Health and Social Care Professionals

Care Managers

Care Assistants


Third Sector Staff

Anciliary Staff

All people in contact with people living with dementia

“Its definately impacted on my practice and that of my staff

“I am enjoying it!

“This training is different from others because its engaging with different varieties of examples through the stories of people. Its definately impacted on my practice and that of my staff”

Kelly, Deputy Manager, Glasfryn House

People enrolling on this course receive…

Access to 6 modules which include:
  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Podcasts
  • Presentations
  • Activity Books
  • Reflective Journals
  • Assessments
  • Certificates
Access to Wellbeing Hub
Access to Additional Links & Resources

Finding the Light in Dementia® Training

About Jane

Dr. Jane M. Mullins is a dementia nurse consultant who has devoted over 30 years to the study and practice of dementia care. Through listening to and supporting people and their families during and following their diagnosis in memory clinics, caring for people who have dementia in hospital and in care homes, she has helped people throughout all of the stages of their condition. When managing a Care Home, she has supported their transition from home to residential care using life stories as a guide to planning their life and care throughout their remaining years. This has included supporting their partners, families and friends. Her particular passions are finding ways to communicate with people who have dementia through music, art and nature as a way to helping them feel well and valued.

Jane has uncovered certain common features that may help caregivers and the people they care for find better ways of coping, you can find these in her book: Finding the Light in Dementia, a Guide for Families, Friends and Caregivers. Her extensive practice experience is backed up by expert knowledge gained from studying for Her PhD; A suitcase full of memories: a sensory ethnography of dementia and keeping up to date as a researcher at the Awen Institute, Swansea University. Here, she explores sensory, creative and intuitive ways of communicating with those living with dementia. 

Dr Jane M. Mullins,
Dementia Nurse


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