Suitcase of Memories

Based on her PhD research, Jane has created a multisensory reminiscence toolkit to help you communicate and connect with your loved one who has dementia. She can help you by creating your own digital film that incorporates photographs of happy times such as holidays, weddings and more, into soundscapes. These powerful films may help you connect your emotions to your memories together. The Suitcase of Memories also includes using treasured items, sensory objects and sharing food and drink to help you both stimulate your personal memories and help you reconnect.

Jane’s research has found that by exploring shared memories with the use of a film and other sensory objects, most couples (and families) can rekindle their relationships and find enjoyment once again. This approach can help inspire friends and family members to stay in touch when often people feel at a loss about what to do when visiting. They too can enjoy participating in the Suitcase of Memories when visiting you and your loved one.

If you want to find out how jane can create your personalised Suitcase of Memories please email her at