1 Dementia Awareness

This course helps you gain more confidence to care by learning how a person experiences their world when living with dementia.


dementia and delierium course

2 Understanding Dementia & Delirium

This course helps you understand how the different dementias affect how a person experiencies their world, know what delirium is and how to support the person during challenging times.


How to communicated and stay connected course

3 How to Communicate & Stay Connected With a Person Living with Dementia    

This course gives you great insights into how communication is affected by dementia and provides essential tips on how to help the person express their needs, and includes pain assessment and ongoing management.


using memories to keep in touch course

4 Using Memories to Keep in Touch with a Person Living with Dementia

This course helps you understand the different types of memory and shows you how to use creative memory techniques to help the person communicate and stay connected with others.


creating a calm safe place course

5 Creating a Calm, Safe Place with a Person Living with Dementia

This course helps you understand how dementia affects a person’s senses and teaches you tips and approaches for modifying a person’s surroundings to help them navigate their world.


Moods emotions and behaviours course

6 How Dementia Affects Moods, Emotions & Behaviours & What we can do to Help

This course helps you understand why people who have dementia communicate through their emotions and behaviours and provides up to date tips and advice on reducing agitation and stress.


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