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Finding The Light In Dementia

Foundation Level

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Understanding dementia

Foundation Level – Module 1

10 Lessons on this Module

Communicating and connecting

Foundation Level – Module 2

6 Lessons on this Module

using memories to keep in touch

Foundation Level – Module 3

9 Lessons on this Module

creating a calm safe place

Foundation Level – Module 4

7 Lessons on this Module

understanding emotions

Foundation Level – Module 5

7 Lessons on this Module

Recommended reading:

Finding the Light in Dementia

“Finding the Light” is a wonderful book. It should be bought by anyone caring for someone living with dementia, who will find in it a practical handbook for the issues they may encounter, a fund of shared experiences by others, and an uplifting source of inspiration when things are difficult.”

Sarah Mitchell, Nurse and daughter of Wendy Mitchell, author and living with dementia

Paperback $17.84