I have known Jane for a number of years through my role as Research and Practice Development Officer within the Wales School for Social Care Research, Swansea University. Jane is one of those people whose authenticity and humanity is evident to all who meet and get to know her. When she writes anything, you know that is it coming from a heart that cares rather than one that is trying to impress. This delightful books is a synthesis of what we know from research and Jane’s own practice wisdom. The result is a beautifully crafted and very practical guide for families living with dementia. I thoroughly recommend it.

N. Andrews

12th May

This book is fantastic. I am a dementia specialist in a care home and a part time university lecturer in dementia care. I recommend this book to the families of the people I care for and my students. It is beautifully crafted and put together. The information is accessible while still being insightful. The note pages after each chapter is genius, allowing the reader to tailor the information to their love one or own needs. This is a must buy for professionals and families alike.

Phil Harper

24 May 2018


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