Finding the Light in Dementia Online Guide for Families, Friends and Caregivers

Reduce Stress and Care with Confidence

Are You Caring for a Family Member or Friend who has Dementia and Feel Overwhelmed?

Don’t know where to turn?

This online guide is the place to be, to get the support you need
with short films, presentations and audios, that are quick and easy
to access, as and when you need the information.


Don’t know what to do or say?

I will guide you and show you what to do and say during difficult and challenging times.



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Don’t know how to cope with changes in the person’s behaviour?

I will help you understand how the person is experiencing their world, and how to reduce their agitation.
For example, did you know that dementia can affect how a person sees the world around them?
I will show you how they may see, and how to help them feel safe in their surroundings.


The person may struggle to find the right words to tell you what they need,
I will teach you ways to communicate better together to reduce their frustration and your stress

Are you juggling multiple roles and struggling to cope with everyone’s needs?

By listening to the stories of former caregivers and advice from myself and other dementia professionals,
you will find quick and easy tips to manage your time better and take back control of your life.


I Am Here To Help You

My name is Jane Mullins and I am a dementia nurse specialist with over 30 years’ experience of caring for people who have dementia and their families throughout all stages of their condition. Our films and audio clips will help you:

• Understand dementia
• Learn to care with confidence
• Respond to changes in a person’s moods and behaviour
• Provide personal care with least stress
• Know what to say and do during challenging times

And much much more…

With a one-off payment you will get 3 years access to hours of our films and audios in the course that will help you:

  • Reduce your stress and distress
  • Reconnect and communicate better with the person you are caring for
  • Take back control of your life
  • Learn tips from former caregivers, people living with dementia and other expert professionals including:
    • Professor of Communication in Dementia
    • Diagnosis support from Dementia Nurse Specialist
    • Consultant Psychiatrist and Professor in Reducing Agitation
    • Speech and Language Therapist and Dietician to help with Eating and Drinking
    • Professor of Dementia Nursing Care
    • Psychologist Specialising in Reducing Agitation
    • Daughter, Caregiver and Textile Designer – Clothing, Dressing and Personal Care Tips
    • Professor of Sleep
    • Professor of Memory

And Much More


As an added bonus you will receive access to our complimentary wellbeing hub, full of lovely films and audios created especially for you to help you:

  • Care for yourself
  • Cope when feeling a sense of loss and grieving
  • Learn quick and easy to do self- care tips



for access to ALL films and audios in our Course for Families

UK £149
EU  €178
US $190
AUS $284
CAN $255
“It’s as if Jane has gently taken your hand in hers and is walking alongside you,
encouraging you through this new chapter of your life”  Carole Fawcett, Counsellor

“Finding the Light has really helped me take back control of my life and helped me and my wife, she’s less agitated and I’m not so stressed anymore. I’ve learnt so much in a short space of time from the films. Thank you Dr Mullins”   Vince Richards, Husband


“This guide is a godsend to me and my family after our mother was diagnosed. Its given us great ideas of how to spend enjoyable times with her, while also given us an understanding of how to make things easier for her, so she isn’t so afraid” Maggie, Daughter


 “Wow, well worth the small fee, there is so much in this guide, our life has seriously changed for the better, since we have taken on board the advice here and it is so easy to use. We all seem so much calmer, including my father in law who has Alzheimer’s disease, we understand him better now” Jim Gallagher, Son-in-Law


“I love the way this guide is set up, so we can access what we need, when we need it, we are not professionals and I find this gives us invaluable advice and ways in how to care and cope with stressful situations, my sheer tiredness and exasperation is getting less”  Jean Phillips, Sister and Caregiver



For instant unlimited access to guide you through all aspects of your dementia journey as and when you need it

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