Training for Care Providers


DUETcare™ offers comprehensive training programmes for carers that will give your employees the confidence to care for people living with dementia and other age-related conditions. When training the DUETcare™ way, families will be assured that your carers will understand their loved ones and respond to their needs in the moment.

The focus of the DUETcare™ philosophy is to develop a connection between the individual requiring care and all persons providing their care. DUETcare™ has a commitment to personal development for the carers/professionals it trains and provides mentoring and coaching.  The approach is creative and innovative which inspires the people it trains and can improve staff satisfaction and sustainability which subsequently impacts on recruitment and retention of staff. Based on core values of putting the care back into Health and Social Care, DUETcare™ focuses on the person living with dementia and the people around them – this is at the heart of the suite of DUETcare™ training sessions.

With a combination of 60 years’ practitioner experience and academic rigour, DUETcare™ is delivered by a hand-picked team of skilled professionals who have expertise in training and coaching as well as in social and health care practice that focuses on the shared values of relationship centred care.

Why DUETcare™ ?

We are experts in the field of dementia and other age-related conditions and health and social care training and advice for individuals, teams and organisations who seek to deliver outstanding relationship-centred care. We have a team of highly qualified trainers and associates that are selected for their professional experience, skills, knowledge and dedication to improving the lives of the people being cared for.

Our training programme encompasses both social and health care and has been developed from a number of sources:

Public involvement

The design and flexibility of DUETcare™ has been informed by listening to the voice of and supporting people living with dementia through both practitioner experience and through the PhD research interviews and conversations carried out by Dr. Jane M Mullins, creator of DUETcare™. The overall process in design, delivery and assessment has included the engagement and involvement of people who have dementia and their families.

Practitioner experience

DUETcare™ is created as a flexible provision of specialist training modules

  • DUETcare™ is mapped to Good Work; The Dementia Learning & Development Framework
  • DUETcare™ uses a creative innovative approach to learning using experiential methods
  • DUETcare™ is developed by a nurse, rehabilitation officer and psychologist with research experience at PhD level and family carer experience
  • Training content directly links research to practice
  • DUETcare™ offers a modular approach making it accessible to all learners and flexible to their learning needs and can be transferable to all staff involved in caring
  • DUETcare™ follows a values-based approach and not just on awareness
  • DUETcare™ will be evaluated by quantitative and qualitative methods and will evolve based on those results to ensure it produces the outcomes required
  • DUETcare™ is linked to National Occupational Standards for Health and Social Care
  • In line with QAA requirements for Higher Education we:
    • Consider greater diversity of human experience
    • Draw from interdisciplinary perspective
    • Analyse evidence
    • Consider local, national and global issues
    • Aim to add to evidence
    • Develop employability skills
    • Consult stakeholders
    • Design assessment strategies to indicate progression of studies
    • Further develop knowledge and skills.

Our training is interactive and enjoyable and values the contributions that trainees will bring to each session. By focusing on caring and supporting our trainees, we help develop their resilience and emotional intelligence and in doing so, help build their confidence and job satisfaction.

As well as the modular approach, we at DUETcare™ offer bespoke training to all care providers. Contact or 07954690170 to see how we can fulfil your training needs.